Chipper Jones

The year was 1995. Steve Young was named Most Valuable Player for Superbowl XXIX. Atlanta Hawks’ Lenny Wilkens becomes NBA’s coach with the most wins. Los Angeles Rams move to St. Louis. Newt Gingrich becomes Speaker of the House.  O.J. Simpson murder trial began.

But for a Tomahawk chopping Braves fan, history was made when a young man from a small town in central Florida walked up to the plate for his first major league debut. Described by some as the best switch hitter to play the game, Chipper Jones, proved to be a force to beat at the plate. His calm presence in the batters box was admiring. It spoke of confidence. I imagine fear swelling up in every pitcher as they heard Crazy Trainby Ozzy Osbourne signaling the slugger to the plate.

I grew up a Braves fan. My main man was Dale Murphy. Murphy started out as a catcher for the Atlanta Braves but a few seasons later moved to first base. I had his poster hanging in my bedroom and I proudly wore his # 3 on my jersey as a little leaguer.

Chipper Jones joins the likes of Hank Aaron and Dale Murphy as a legend among Atlanta Braves baseball. Thank you, Chipper, for bringing us out to the ball park and making our box of Cracker Jacks a lot more enjoyable. We will see you in Cooperstown.

Anyone else a Chipper Jones fan? What other Braves players are your favorites?

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